Maak and the Private Collector

16th October 2014

Maak Contemporary Ceramics is a unique auction house and art consultancy that specialises exclusively in studio ceramics and contemporary ceramic art, an area that Director Marijke Varrall-Jones has worked in at the highest level for over 10 years. 

"The market for contemporary ceramics is very much client led - the vast majority of our clients are private individuals who have been assembling their collections of studio ceramics over many years and decades. As such they are vastly knowledgeable and highly enthusiastic. With Maak my ambition has been to build a specialist art consultancy that is entirely client centric, providing all-inclusive services to collectors of contemporary ceramics. By dedicating ourselves exclusively to the field of studio ceramics we fulfil a unique requirement within this niche market."

The Maak auctions are notable in that the majority of the works offered for sale have been consigned from private sources. "We are fortunate to work closely with private collectors when gathering works for sale. It makes for a rare and privileged position where we are able to foster close working relationships with our collectors when putting together our auctions. Art collections are rarely static entities, they evolve and change over time to reflect new interests and changing tastes of the individual. As such our buyers are frequently also sellers – passing on ceramic artworks that they have outgrown to those who will gain renewed enjoyment from them in order to replace them with new additions to their collections. Our clients often describe their compulsion for collecting studio ceramics as an obsession – they just can’t help themselves!"

Maak provides a wide range of consultancy services to private collectors. "We actively work with collectors to source particular works, from individual pieces to entire collections, visiting auctions, galleries and dealers to view on behalf of clients and advising on acquisitions from a whole market perspective. 

"On a smaller scale we encourage collectors to send us their 'Wish Lists' of works they are hoping to add to their collections or ceramic artists they are particularly interested in so that we can notify them when we have matching works come available, either in our auctions or through private sale."

Please feel free to contact us with your Wish List or to find out more about buying or selling contemporary ceramics with Maak.