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Launch of Maak Foundation

Maak Foundation Charity launches | 26.09.22

A charitable initiative providing funding for research that will result in the publication of books dedicated to studio ceramics

Maak Foundation Launch | London, 2022

Maak is delighted to announce the launch of Maak Foundation, a charitable initiative with the primary purpose of supporting and promoting studio ceramics. By providing funding towards the publication of books dedicated to studio ceramics, the aim is to stimulate an ever wider appreciation and understanding of this specialist creative art form.

“Over the 20 or so years of specialising in studio ceramics I have actively expand my library at every opportunity. Yet studio ceramics is relatively underrepresented in art-historical literature terms. So many of our most important ceramic artists or developments in studio ceramics as a movement are only superficially referenced with only a handful afforded the accolade of comprehensive exploration.


With Maak Foundation our hope is to provide much needed funding to authors, institutions and publishers looking to publish high quality books and literary materials on this subject, allowing many more people to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artistic contributions of these artists and craftspeople.


Through supporting research, we can support the publication of books and public displays celebrating the very best ceramics. We are proud that Maak can be at the forefront for patronage and an advocate of expertise.”


Marijke Varrall-Jones | Chair of Maak Foundation


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Press Release | September 2022

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