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Design | The Observer Magazine | Summer 2020

The Dayabandhu Collection features in Design, Observer Magazine, Summer 2020

‘How one of the best postwar collections of ceramics in Britain, featuring Lucie Rie, John Maltby and Gordon Baldwin, was amassed in a two-bed council flat in London’

Until recently, one of the best British postwar ceramics collections was to be found on a council estate in east London. “It was a bit like walking in to a reliquary” says the ceramicist Annie Turner, a regular visitor to the two-bed flat. “You’d go into a pretty brutal-looking 1970s building and up a dull concrete staircase and think am I in the right place?’ Then you would open this door and it was like entering another world.

Maak Contemporary Ceramics offered just under 200 of the items from the Collection in May 2020. The auction was a huge success with bidding coming in from all over the globe. To view the collection please click here.

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