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A Personal Insight | Margaret Morse & Lucie Rie

May 2024

This bowl, together with the button and pair of glass pendants by Lucie Rie, have been consigned by Mrs Margaret Morse, a longstanding admirer and friend of Lucie Rie.

Lucie Rie (Austrian/British, 1902-1995)

Small Footed Bowl, 1988

Porcelain, manganese glaze running bright gold in the well, an unglazed band running below the rim inside and out containing two fine lines inlaid with blue, impressed LR seal

H 7.4cm, D 16.5cm

Estimate: £20,000-30,000

Contemporary Ceramics | 16 May 2024

Margaret was first introduced to ceramics during her school days where she was taught pottery by her history teacher, Dorothy Kemp, who had previously trained under Bernard Leach in 1942. It was this early exposure that laid the foundation for Margaret’s lifelong love with ceramics. She first encountered Lucie Rie in 1960 at Camberwell College of Art, where Lucie Rie was teaching.  She admired Rie’s work from afar, particularly her glazing techniques. Margaret recalls how, despite her influence on students, Rie did not hugely enjoy teaching, preferring to spend her time working in her studio.


During the 1980s, Margaret’s admiration for Rie’s work deepened as she frequently attended ceramic auctions at Bonhams with her husband, Colin, where she often encountered Rie’s work. It was at one of these auctions that they were re-introduced. Margaret eventually mustered the courage and wrote a letter to Rie, expressing her admiration for her work and making a request for Rie to create one of her signature bowl for her.

Though Rie accepted the request, her busy schedule delayed the completion of the bowl. In subsequent interactions, Margaret and her husband were invited to Rie’s studio in Albion Mews. There, they shared moments over tea and homemade biscuits using Rie’s own cups and saucers, a genuine delight for the couple and these visits meant a great deal to Margaret. Morse had continued creating ceramics throughout her life and she would occasionally share photos of her own work with Rie, who kindly provided feedback and guidance.


When time eventually allowed, Rie asked Margaret’s husband to sketch the desired design. With this design in hand, Rie completed the bowl for Margeret, who greatly admired the simplicity of its form.

“I shall always remember her with affection, Lucie opening her front door of her flat, this small figure clothed in a white Puffa jacket and white trainers. I will never forget Lucie and I do realise how lucky I was to know her within my lifetime.”

Margaret Morse

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