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Piet Stockmans

(Belgian b.1940)

Piet Stockmans works as an industrial designer and as an artist. For 26 years he was a designer at Mosa Maastricht. He taught at the Luka School of Arts in Genk in Belgium for 29 years and helped set up the Product Design department. From 1983 to 1985 he taught at the AIVE in Eindhoven. In 1987 he established Studio Pieter Stockmans where he has been focusing on small, unique collections. In 2007 he passed the studio onto his daughter where she continues the vision and works with six other ceramicists in the studio.

'My creativity ensues from my work. The heart of it is the process from which the object emerges. Creating gives rise to ideas. Creating means choosing. Leaving one idea aside and giving another a chance. It is this interaction that gives every new creation a special feeling.'

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Porcelain 99 Cups with Dish made by Piet Stockmans in 2001



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