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Mary Rogers

(British 1929-2021)

Mary Rogers, was born in Derbyshire in 1929. Her artistic journey began with her studies at Watford Art School and St. Martin’s in London, where she enhanced her skills in graphic design and calligraphy. However, it was her immersion in the world of ceramics at Loughborough School of Art that ignited her passion for pottery. Rogers set up her pottery studio near Loughborough. Initially she crafted robust, hand-coiled stoneware vessels, she soon transitioned to a more ethereal aesthetic in the 1960s. Inspired by the delicate forms of organisms found in the depths of the sea and the tranquillity of forest floors, her work evolved into luminous, hand-pinched porcelain bowls.

In the 1970s, Rogers's artistic skill transcended national boundaries as her work began to be exhibited internationally. Despite her burgeoning success, she remained steadfast in her commitment to nature-inspired forms, drawing inspiration from her lifelong passion for natural history. Relocating her studio to the idyllic landscapes of Cornwall, Rogers continued to push the boundaries of ceramic artistry until her retirement from active practice in the early 1990s.

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Two stoneware pierced sculptural forms made by Mary Rogers in circa 1974 sold at auction by Maak Contemporary Ceramics



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