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Martin Smith | Early Bowl Form, 1986

Red Earthenware, formed of four curved segments, interior with mottled blue and mustard yellow lozenge design
H 7.6cm, W 32.6cm, D 25.8cm
PROVENANCE: Private Collection, London. Similar example held by The British Museum was included in 'Martin Smith, Balance and Space, Ceramics 1976-1996', Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 1996
In 1985, Smith abandoned his architectural works and turned to pieces made up of spherical segments. A full size plaster maquette was used to define the exact sections of the sphere; the coordinates were then plotted onto hemispheres produced in clay using the industrial process of 'jigger and jolly' (Rotterdam 1996, p. 75). Here the geometric patterning on the interior contrasts with the curved structure of the piece. Alison Britton desrcibes the dual effects succinctly: 'the surface depicts a space of a different order to that defined by the physical space of the object.' (Rotterdam 1996, p. 75).


An earthenware bowl form made by Martin Smith in 1986 sold at auction by Maak

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