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Magdalene Odundo

(Kenyan/British b.1950)

Odundo was born in Kenya, and moved to England in 1971 to study at the Cambridge College of Art and then travelled extensively, from South America to Africa to observe and take inspiration from the different pottery styles and techniques. She then earned a master’s degree at the College of Artin, London and later taught at the Commonwealth Institute and the Royal College of Art, London.

She is well-known for using traditional terracotta material yet contemporarily hand-builds in coils. Each piece is polished, covered with slip, and then polished again. Afterwards they are fired in an oxidizing atmosphere, which turns them a red-orange. A reduction-firing then turns the clay black.

Her works are often reminiscent of the human form, and are exhibited world-wide. She lives in Surrey and is Professor of Ceramics at the University of Creative Arts, Surrey.

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A black earthenware 'Angled Mixed Coloured Piece' made by Magdalene Odundo in 1988 sold at auction by Maak Contemporary Ceramics



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