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Junko Mori

(Japanese b.1974)

Junko Mori was born in Japan and studied in Tokyo and Camberwell, and currently lives and works from her studio in North Wales.

Originally trained as a blacksmith, she took a job in a welding factory after studying.

She works in steel and silver, and each of her sculptures is made from many pieces fused and welded together. She is fascinated by the 'micro-world' and the form and structure of her works take inspiration from close study of the natural world.

Mori was a Loewe Craft Prize finalist in 2019 and her works are held in a number of public collections in the UK.

'I am always drawn to the visual impact of an aggregate assembled with many small components: I find infinite possibilities of the form multiplied by the vital power beyond the physical space, such as cell division through the microscope.'

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A metal sculpture, 'Propagation Project; Petals', made by Junko Mori in 2003



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