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Julie Blyfield

(Australian b.1957)

Australian metalsmith, Julie Blyfield makes jewellery, small vessels and sculptural objects from her garden studio in her hometown of Adelaide. Her work is predominantly made from silver, often opting to use the softer pure form as well as the alloyed form, sterling silver. She creates intricate pieces inspired by native flora and fauna with beautifully textured surfaces, created with hammering, chasing, punching or piercing the metal. Rhythmical repetition is a key element to of both her design process and her aesthetic and often uses the traditional Korean method ‘joi-jil, or jogeum’ to create ‘feathered lines’ onto sheets of metal.

Blyfield deliberately describes herself as a ‘craftsperson or jeweller/metalsmith’, not an artist. 'I like the word ‘craft’ as it really explains what I do, the old fashioned ‘chip away’ method'.


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A silver 'Pajamuka Vessel' made by Julie Blyfield in 2007



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