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George Walker | 'Reliance on Science', Sculptural Teapot, 2003

Stoneware, hand modelled and painted with coloured vitreous slips, a suited man sits on a crouching figure, obscuring his face with a book, a young woman clings to the man's back with one hand, dangling an infant in the other, incised GW mark
H 28.8cm, W 32cm, D 16cm
PROVENANCE: Collection of the Artist
NOTE: This is the earliest of two works made by the artist that revolve around the exploitation of science by commercial corporations. The crouching figure is a scientist, restricted by the gangster business man seated on his back, obscuring his gaze and so controlling him. The business man represents the large corporations who pay for the research and determine what and when research results are released to the public. The female figure represents the nurturing side of humanity as a restraining force. However she is blinded by misinformation and as such is unable to make a free and informed decision, leading her to make bad choices as expressed by the fact that she does not know how to hold her child safely.
CONDITION: Perfect condition with no damage or restoration


An earthenware sculptural teapot made by George Walker in 2003 sold at auction by Maak Contemporary Ceramics

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