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Colin Pearson

(British 1923-2007)

Pearson was born in London, and later studied painting at Goldsmith’s College, London from 1947-1952. He only discovered ceramics in his final year. He went on to work with Ray Finch at Winchcombe and in 1955 helped David Leach set up the Carmelite Friar’s Pottery at Aylesford, which he took over as manager when Leach left to set up the Lowerdown pottery in 1956.

Pearson was involved on the production of domestic ware until about 1971 when he began concentrating on making individual works. Known in particular for his ‘winged’ vases inspired in part from the Ancient Chinese Bronzes, these works can be extremely varied in both their materials and glazes.

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A turquoise, grey, brown and white vessel with wings made by Colin Pearson in 1988 sold at auction by Maak Contemporary Ceramics



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