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Claire Curneen | 'Figure in Branches', 2006

Porcelain, celadon glaze

H 37.5cm, W 25cm, D 17cm

PROVENANCE: Private Collection, London

EXHIBITED: Contemporary Applied Arts, 2007

'For Curneen, the mental and the physical are so tightly enmeshed there is no telling where the object ends and the metaphor begins. The flowers that bloom across the torso of one have appeared unawares, a blush of inner contentment. The hands, so expressively modelled, are the organs of touch; magnified, out of scale on their bodies, they accentuate the importance of physical contact. In the same moment, we understand that the sensations they are intended to evoke are much more than the merely tactile. The sharp prickles attached to the palm are an embodiment of hyper-sensitivity. Are they sticking into the hand, or emerging from it? It is impossible to say.'

Timothy Wilcox for the accompanying catalogue to the Claire Curneen exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts, 2002.


A celadon porcelain 'Figure in Branches' made by Claire Curneen in 2006 sold at auction by Maak Contemporary Ceramics

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